Peter Downies's Portfolio

Perfect Days

Perfect Days Hawaii was the biggest site I have worked on. I used CSS and HTML to make the project look pixel perfect. I worked on between 50 and 100 pages. I also worked querying the database for certain information. Helping with selecting javascript code and minor google maps. One of the pages looked like Hawaii Main Page

I created the page Columns, it uses ajax to load from a database and is transfered via a PHP file. All of the options are loaded from the database. At the time I completed it, it looked like this

Yaysana was a game developed by Ekim. Basically it was a game where you tried to get people to click your link , when someone clicks your link, you get a point. The person with the most points wins a prize. I was successfully able to code the mysql database and PHP pages. He later decided to change the look of the site, to something different with a different designer. The site did get a lot of people, but failed to produce enough AD revenue to pay for the prizes. He took the project offline. I worked on making the database queries and creating a function to keep track of IP addresses to reduce cheating.